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Planning to do a lot of audio recording in OneNote? It's worth it to invest in a decent external microphone. This is the one I have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated 5/8/16

1. Is there a viewer for OneNote files?

No need for a viewer because you can download and install OneNote 2016 for free. Then you have a fully functional OneNote client that can view, edit and create OneNote files. Get OneNote here...

2. I want to move my notebook to a different location, how can I do that? 

In OneNote 2007 or 2010 click File | Notebook Properties.  There's a button for change location right there.

In OneNote 2013 or 2016 right-click your Notebook in the Navigation pane at the left and choose Properties. You'll see a "Change Location" button on the dialog box.

If you want to move the notebook to OneDrive instead then the best way do to that is not with the Change Location button but rather go to the Share tab on the Ribbon, click "Share This Notebook" and select "Web" as the share location. (see below)

Share a OneNote notebook on the web It's o.k. if you only intend to share it with yourself (on one or more machines).

If you don't have a OneDrive folder you can get one, for free, by going to http://www.live.com and signing up. OneDrive folders are 25GB of free storage space.



3. I just upgraded to OneNote 2016, how do I transfer my OneNote [2003/2007] files to it?
When you first open OneNote 2013 it should automatically ask if you want to convert your older OneNote files. but if it doesn't then go to File | Open | Notebook and open each of the notebooks you want to convert.  Note that once they're converted you CAN'T go back to OneNote 2003 format.

4. Can I password protect sections of OneNote?  Individual pages? 

Sections, yes.  Pages no.  To password protect a section just right-click the section on the navigation pane or on the tab at the top and select "Password protect this section" from the context menu.

Pick a good pass phrase to encrypt your section with. "Hello" isn't a good passphrase. "Keep out of my notebook!" is better.

5. Does OneNote have a Find/Replace feature?  Like Microsoft Word does?

No, but it is a frequently requested feature for the next version.  There is a powertoy that can do it and you can find it here: http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa/archive/2007/06/23/onenote-search-and-replace.aspx

The OneNote GEM add-in can do it as well. http://www.onenotegem.com/

6. How do I "flip thru" the pages in my section? 

Press CTRL+Page Down.  If you do it a lot and have a mouse with programmable keys you might consider programming one of your mouse buttons to do that.

Also if your mouse has a scroll wheel on it you can hold down the CTRL key while rolling the mouse wheel up or down. Note that to do that you have to be hovering your mouse pointer over the page tabs.

7. I don't see the Tray icon for OneNote and my Windows Key+S doesn't work!  (OneNote 2007)Tools | Options | Other...check the box next to "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

(OneNote 2010 or later) File | Options | Display...check the box next to "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

Also if you're running Windows 8 or later you'll need to use Windows Key + SHIFT + S for screen clippings.

8. Can I sort the pages in OneNote?

Not natively, but the OneTastic powertoy will do it.  See here: http://omeratay.com/onetastic/

9. Where's the "Save" button?

OneNote doesn't have a Save button. OneNote automatically saves your work on an almost constant basis in the background.  If you want to save your notebook with a new name you can use the Save As feature located under the File menu.

You can press CTRL+S if it makes you feel better. :-)

10. I want to use the Cloud to sync my notebooks. Should I use Dropbox?

Well, you CAN use DropBox (many people do) but I would use OneDrive instead. Dropbox is going to create multiple copies of your notebook and it's possible, especially if you're editing your notebook in multiple places or with multiple users that those copies could get out of sync and corrupted.  It's unusual, but it happens.  Dropbox is not OneNote-aware and OneNote is not Dropbox-aware.

OneDrive lets you store your notebooks in the "Cloud" and share them with others if you choose to. OneDrive *IS* OneNote-aware and OneNote is OneDrive-aware. So the sync is much cleaner (and faster).  Plus with OneDrive you get the benefit of the OneNote Web App if you want to use that.

Note: OneDrive sync REQUIRES OneNote 2010 or newer. It won't work with older versions of OneNote.

Frequently Asked Questions About OneNote and OneDrive

11. When Will I Get a OneNote for iPad App?

Right now, if you want it. It's available in the Apple App Store.

12. Whenever I print it tries to go to OneNote! How do I stop this?!?

Go to your print settings (under Control Panel) and change your default printer. Right-click the printer you DO want to print to and choose "Set as Default".

Print to OneNote Fails

13. Does the OneNote for iPhone app work with SharePoint?

Yes, it does now.

14. Can I use Templates in OneNote?

Yes, we have an article about that in fact. Read more...

15. When I type a number followed by an equals sign such as "1 =" OneNote adds an other "1" after the equals sign! What's going on?!

OneNote thinks you're trying to enter a mathematical expression and it's trying to solve it for you. To turn that off click File > Options > Advanced and uncheck "Calculate mathematical expressions automatically".

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